Our minister, Fergus Buchanan has started a phased return to work. He keeps in touch with his blog.  

Since March 2019 Fergus has been on long term leave as he undergoes treatment for Myeloma, a rare form of blood cancer. He has kept his blog going as frequently as he is able during this period and as well as giving an insight into how he is, there is a great deal of spiritual insight to be found there. He has started a phased return to work, although still under "shielding"

During this period St Paul's has an interim moderator, Ramsay Shields, from St Luke's Parish church in MIlngavie - just up the road. Ramsay has been a great blessing to us during the period that Fergus is laid aside, frequently preaching at St Paul's when he can manage, and also moderating session meetings and being involved in other ways. Not least in ensuring that the pulpit is occupied each week.

During this period we all hold Fergus, Gabrielle and their family in our prayers.