Songs For The Dark Times

6 March, Robin, Psalm 13


27 February, Stephen, Psalm 42


20th February, Fergus, Psalm 116


The theme is ‘Songs For The Dark Times’ and will focus on Psalms which reflect the response of people of faith in challenging days. Fergus and members of St. Paul’s Kirk Session will lead the reflections. It is hoped that this will be a source of strength and inspiration for us all in this time. They will be made available each Saturday morning at 9:30.

20 February Psalm 116 Fergus
27 February Psalm 42 Stephen
6 March Psalm 13 Robin
13 March  Psalm 130 Fergus
20 March Psalm 142 Douglas
27 March Psalm 84 Fergus

In addition, Milngavie Churches are preparing a series for Holy Week Monday - Friday with an additional service on Saturday morning.