Due to the lockdown we are selling the church society cards through this website and through Facebook. There are four types of cards.
Type 1. these cards are 6x6 mounted on a pearlescent layer and they have a biblical verse on them to give other encouragement. Cards are £1 each 

Type 2. These cards are what I refer to as the ‘Joy’ cards simple card that say it all. Cards are 4.25x 5.5 inches and are suitable for keeping in touch with friends and family,there are thank you cards, also get well cards and two cards giving encouragement to those who are working in the care profession. Cards for many occasions.Again these cards are £1 each
Type 3. These cards would be suitable for people keeping in touch with their district or their neighbours or friends. They are simple pearlescent cards in various colours with either a cross,dove ,flowers or dandelion on the front. The cards speak for themselves and again are 4.25x5.5 on a thinner card and are selling for 5 for £2.50

As per our AGM the money raised for the forseeable future is going to the Beatson in Glasgow .
Please Note. At the moment I am not collecting the money for any cards purchased. Elizabeth, our treasurer will just keep a list of cards sold and we can get the money at a future date. I am quite happy to put the cards through your door ( socially distant) and if anyone out with the area, cards can be posted.
Please order the cards by phoning me on 0141 384 0274
Or by email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Alex McEwan